April 20th

Perhaps I should have been enjoying my afternoon off in the sun, but I opted for a cheap film (Kick-Ass, which was good but maybe a bit too cutesy in being a superhero movie about superhero movies. And that might be the only time the film is called cutesy) and a pint at C’est What, probably one of the few bars in the city that hates the term “patio weather”. There was a nice range of options in the cask beers, with the Scotch Irish Sgt. Major IPA winning out. The Sgt. Major was a hazy copper, with little bits of hops floating around the glass. A fairly creamy head and body, thanks to the handpull.

The aroma was a lot of spicy hops, previewing the huge bitterness of the beer. Unfortunately, the cask Sgt. Major did not have as much of the grapefruit and peach flavours that I had become used to from bottles, but just a lot of bitterness that overpowered any nuances. The Sgt. Major has always been a balanced beer with a lot malts to counteract the hops, but the bitterness had taken over my mouth by the time I was halfway through the pint. Still enjoyable, but not to my liking as much as the bottle version. For extreme hop heads, this would definitely be a winner.

Scotch Irish Sgt. Major IPA on Ratebeer

Today: 550mL. Year-to-date: 90.26L.


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