News & Brews

This is completely random, but does anyone else think of The Wire when they’re watching the Boston Bruins and hear “Sobotka”? No? Fine. Here are your bullets.

  • Got $150 lying around that you’ve been wanting to spend on beer and food? You’re in luck! Brewer’s Plate is back, celebrating local food and beer. Based on the lineup of breweries and chefs, it will probably be worth your money. The dinner takes place on Wednesday, May 26th at Hart House.
  • If you missed this news tidbit, you may have been living under a rock or you may just have a life. Ken Woods of Black Oak announced on The Bar Towel that their 10 Bitter Years has been bottled and is available at their retail store. I schlepped out to Etobicoke today and picked up twelve. Look for a review in the next couple of days.
  • Troy for Great Canadian Pubs and Beer has some news from Duggan’s Brewery. Not only is the #9 headed to the LCBO in six packs of teeny 275mL bottles, but they are also planning a MaiFest down at the brewpub, with other events to follow every couple of months.
  • Lakes of Muskoka Cottage Brewery are launching their Pilsner Light on April 29th at the Highway 61 restaurant. Facebook event!
  • Kevin Brauch is hosting another beer dinner at Fynn’s Of Temple Bar. May 10th. $40 in advance.

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