News & Brews

A slow week with two big bullets!

  • The Ontario Brewing Awards were announced last week and you can find all the results on Roger Mittag’s Quench Your Thirst blog. There are some complaints about these awards from beer geeks, but congrats still go out to all the winners. My main beef is that a couple of great breweries are missing (Durham and Beau’s, from a quick glance at the list of entries), which is a pretty standard critique of any brewing competition, especially in Canada. I also have a bit of a problem with beer awards in general as they can put light lagers and cream ales on par with IPAs and stouts (and I realize how snobbish that statement is, but I don’t care). If you want to see that hardware handed out, the awards will be presented on Thursday, May 13th at The Cannery Room in the Distillery District. Presumably there will be beer available.
  • In much more exciting (and less polarizing) news, Bar Volo announced the 2nd Annual Ontario Cask IPA Challenge! All the dates and details can be found through that link.

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