April 29th

There is a new light beer on shelves, the Muskoka Pilsner Light. While some people in Toronto may have been heading to the release party, I was plucking a can off The Beer Store shelves after returning some empties. To be honest, my expectations are this were low, based completely on the name of the beer. Muskoka makes a lot of decent craft beers, the type that will help push people away from the swill poured out by the big boys. But a light beer? Colour me concerned.

The beer poured with a nice two-finger head, but it quickly fizzled away to a little film covering the top. The aroma did little to ease my fears: corn, grain and butter, which is a great combination for a meal but not in my glass. The taste was a little better, but just okay. Definitely some corn and a bit of cloying honey sweetness, but also a spicy zing and some bitterness. The body was a little below average, the only true sign that this is a “light” beer. Better than the macro beers that call themselves pilsners, but not good as anything other than a lawnmower beer.

I was planning on cracking open some beer from Wisconsin that was recently given to me, but Sophie called and wanted to meet up for a drink after her work. So we went to Sin & Redemption, where I enjoyed a nice glass of Delirium Tremens. The beer arrived with thin layer of head left on top, but with a lovely, hazy straw colour. Strong aromas of green apple and lemon, with a some spicy undertones. The first thing I noticed from my first sip was that the beer was a little flat, taking away some of the crispness it usually has. The flavours followed through on the aromas, adding in a nice smattering of yeast as well. It did leave beautiful lacing all around the glass. Still great, even with a poorer body than normal.

Delirium Tremens on Ratebeer

Muskoka Pilsner Light on Ratebeer

Today: 800mL. Year-to-date: 93.59L.


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