May 7th

The Creemore Springs Kellerbier was a big surprise hit last summer. Part of this was a shock (Beer geeks going crazy over a lager? What has the world come to!?), but not when you looked at the description on the can (hops, unfiltered and yeast, oh my!). I only managed to get two cans in London, much to my dismay.

If you don’t know what kellerbier is, well, neither did I until last year. It is a lager, but one that is unfiltered, meaning you’re getting a nice dose of yeast in your glass. Kellers are also well hopped, a phrase that is guaranteed to create a stir of arousal in beerophiles. All these elements, theoretically, combine to make an unusual lager. But I must admit to being a little disappointed by the latest Creemore version. Maybe it was the year-long gap and my memory overhyping the beer, but the overall effect was not as impressive. It poured a burnt orange colour with little head. Looked pretty clear for an unfiltered beer. Nose of grain and some fruit. Definite orange taste, along with some grain and bread. No real yeast flavour or strong hopping. A nice, slightly chewy body. Overall, it was okay but not the Kellbier I remembered.

And then I had a Black Oak 10 Bitter Years, which continues to blow me away. I picked up a bit of mint this time. That’s all I have to add.

Black Oak 10 Bitter Years on Ratebeer

Creemore Springs Kellerbier on Ratebeer

Today: 840mL. Year-to-date: 97.17L.

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