May 15th

My Saturday night was spent with some work chums and I finally managed to have our outing take place at the Victory Cafe. Unfortunately, they were out of a lot their hoppy beers, leaving few options aside from the Durham Hop Addict. The Hop Addict is a fantastic IPA, with strong notes of grapefruit, just enough malt and a lingering, bitter finish. The fact that this isn’t bottled is a real travesty. It felt wrong not to get a pint of cask ale, so I had the Neustadt Double Fuggled after that. The Double Fuggled (aka. the Neustadt Scottish Ale) didn’t win me over last year, but the fresh cask was decent (the Granite IPA had just run out). It is very malt forward, with a lot of caramel and orange. A little bready with a little bit of bittering hops at the end. Like I said, it was decent but not good enough to stop me going back to the Hop Addict.

Durham Hop Addict on Ratebeer

Neustadt Double Fuggled on Ratebeer

Today: 1.5L. Year-to-date: 100.8L.

Posting will be spotty for the rest of the week as I’m off to Virginia/D.C., but then I’ll have lots of exciting American beers to blog about!


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