News & Brews

This is just the way things go sometimes – I take a week off and get flooded with lots of news. Let’s start, in no particular order, with…

  • The C’est What Spring Festival of Craft Beers, happening this Friday, May 28th. Free, with $1 samples (though don’t be surprised to find some at $2). Runs 5 p.m. to 10p.m. and I definitely recommend you get there early. The list of beers is available over at The Bar Towel. I really enjoyed the last Fall Festival but work till 8:30 p.m. and am still debating if I should go, even for a short period. Tough choices.
  • Lots of events for Ontario Craft Beer Week were announced – too many to mention. They seem to be featuring a small group of breweries (at least for the Toronto events), but expect more announcements coming soon.
  • A reminder that the 2nd Annual Ontario Cask IPA Challenge starts this weekend at Bar Volo. They’ve now got the full list of IPAs available, not that you’ll be able to pick and choose. The Double IPA Challenge runs Saturday and the first round of the IPA goes on Sunday.
  • If you’re looking for a full beer event dance card this weekend, there’s also a Great Lakes Charity BBQ this Saturday from 12-6 p.m. Apparently there will be bottles of the Miami Weisse for purchase. I smell a new seasonal…
  • A quick update about Session: A Craft Beer Festival: you $35 gets you in and there will be $1 samples. Also, Tree Brewing has been added to the list of brewers. And because you care about these things, my attendance is still TBA.
  • If you love beer dinners, there is a series of dinners called The Brewmaster’s Table coming to Boehmer Restaurant (93 Ossington) and done in partnership with the Griffin Gastropub. The dinners will be $100 per person and feature a different brewery each month, starting with Mill Street on June 6th. Full details on The Bar Towel.

What a crappy week to be working Friday-Sunday.


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