Mondial Preview: Beau’s All Natural Brewing

Next week I’ll be attending the Mondial de la Bière festival for the first time and wanted to do something a little special to celebrate, so I e-mailed Steve Beauchesne of Beau’s All Natural Brewing and asked him some questions about Beau’s and what they’re bringing to this year’s Mondial.

A Year of Beer!: What beers are you going to have available at the 2010 Mondial de la Biere?

Steve Beauchesne: We’re going to have our flagship Kolsch-style LugTread Lagered Ale, our Winter Seasonal BogWater – a strong and spicy, dirty brown ale, Matt’s Sleepytime Belgian Imperial Stout, and Beaver River, our Spring seasonal, an IPA.

AYOB!: What differentiates Beau’s and the beers that you make?

SB: We like to think there is a lot!  We brew organic beer that is otherwise hard or impossible to find in our area, we put a lot of love into the brewing and packaging of our beer, we’re family-run, we’re totally independent and we have a lot of fun with what we do.

AYOB!: As a brewer, why are festivals like Mondial important to you?

SB: A big part is getting to hang out with other brewers.  This will be our first time with a booth at Mondiale, and we’re really excited to get the opportunity to hang out with many of the Quebec brewers we don’t get to see too often.  We don’t sell into Quebec, so for us its more a matter of being part of a scene, part of a cool event with great beer.

AYOB!: How much beer do you expect to go through during this year’s festival?

SB: Interprovincial regulations are rediculous…we’re less than an hour away from the festival, but we had to submit the beer 3 months in advance…if we sell out of a brand, we’re not allowed to bring more.  You’d think we were shipping to North Korea!  So we sent 240 x 600ml of each brand and we’ll see what happens…

AYOB!: Beau’s Festivale won a gold medal at the 2009 Mondial de la Biere of Strasbourg. What was that experience like?

SB: It was really awesome getting that award.  The competition was stiff and it was really humbling to get that kind of recognition in amongst so many wonderful beers.

AYOB!: You recently collaborated on the Vrienden beer with the Koningshoeven brewery. Do you have any other partnerships in the works?

SB: It was a lot of fun collaborating on Vrienden and we’d love to do another project like that.  We don’t have any booked yet, but we are looking into a few cool options.

Many thanks to Steve for taking the time to answer my questions. Look for my tasting notes of the Bog Water and Matt’s Sleepytime Belgian Imperial Stout after the festival.


2 responses to “Mondial Preview: Beau’s All Natural Brewing

  1. I was lucky enough to try Matt’s Sleepytime Belgian Imperial Stout and let me tell you, it’s out of this world. Smooth, tasty…and a joy to drink with friends at the festival! Well done 🙂

    • I completely agree! And based on how quickly their beers sold out, so did everyone else at Mondial.

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