May 22nd

Luckily I had a late-afternoon flight back to Toronto, which allowed for a final trip to buy beer and one last tasting. There are certain beers I really wanted to try on this trip, one of which was the Bell’s Two Hearted Ale. Not being able to find it on tap, I had to purchase a single. Though worrisome, it turned out not to be a problem. The Two Hearted poured with a nice inch of head and a hazy, apricot coloured body. Huge pine and floral aromas with a bit of honey – quite simply, this smells amazing. I’m first hit with a taste of citrus, then pine. Grapefruit becomes more present as it warms. Perfect amount of bitterness to go with the light, consistent carbonation. Fresh and bright (both the hops and beer) – everything I hoped it would be!

And that was my American vacation. By the end, the amount of beer consumed had caught up to me and the thought of drinking any more was nauseating. That said, the States are a beer mecca and I only got to try a sampling of my dream list. It would be easy to make comments about how much better the beer is there, but there are so many breweries in Canada that I don’t have access to. It didn’t make me pine for constant access to American beers, but for our provinces to do a better job of getting Canadian beers available all across the country.

One thing I can say about American brewers is that they like their beers to be BIG! IPAs usually start at 6% ABV and most seem to make imperial IPAs/stouts, barley wines, American strong ales and hefty seasonals. One thing I like about Ontario brewers is the steady supply of sessionable beers we have. If you’re not sharing (which I wasn’t doing much of, because Soph had her own beers to drink – Kasteel Rouge, Hitachino Nest White, Green Flash West Coast IPA, Great Divide Denver Pale Ale, to name a few), it is hard to have a night of drinking and not get trashed.

I brought back a lot of beer, but a lot of it will go into hiding until the Winter. And now that I’ve recuperated, I get to do it all again next week at Mondial!

Bell’s Two Hearted Ale on Ratebeer

Today: 355mL. Year-to-date: 106.82L.


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