May 24th and 25th

Queen Victoria, we celebrate you with fireworks and beer! And, in my case, a gorgeous day on the Toronto Islands, drinking and tossing around a frisbee with the skyline in the background. Nothing too intense on the beer front, just some thirst quenching suds, starting with the Muskoka Pilsner Light. I hope this beer does well with the light-beer crowd, because I find it quite drinkable. Biscuity with some nice floral hopping, though a tad too buttery for my tastes. It may be a “light” 4% ABV, but it sure doesn’t lack body.

I followed that with a can of Muskoka Hefe-Weissbier. This beer is best filed in the category of “Flavourful, but not Complex.” The lemony-banana taste is too strong, without any yeast or esters to balance out the mega-sweetness. I’ve sung the praises of this beer in the past, but would like to play my mulligan card. It’s still drinkable and good for those laid back days when you’re not paying as much attention to what you’re drinking.

And because I need to double up on posts to get everything done before Mondial, I had a Black Oak Pale Ale on Tuesday night. Turns out this tastes even better in extremely warm weather!

Black Oak Pale Ale on Ratebeer

Muskoka Hefe-Weissbier on Ratebeer

Muskoka Pilsner Light on Ratebeer

Today: 950mL. Year-to-date: 107. 77L.


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