May 27th + 28th

One of my favourite phrases to read in beer reviews is “subtle complexity,” implying that the reader might not have the sophisticated palate to truly enjoy whatever remarkable beer is being enjoyed. I often see these beers as being either average or above-average, with reviewers telling you to go out and buy ten, or that they won’t be buying another bottle. And all of this can be applied to the Gaffel Kölsch, part of the LCBO Summer release.

My only knowledge of the kölsch style is through Beau’s Lug Tread, which I quite enjoy.I think the Gaffel is even paler in colour, with a light nose of pale malts and freshly cut grass. The grass sticks out the most in terms of flavours, with some vague malty sweetness and trace hops. Some may call it crisp, but I would say it is just a pale, bubbly lager – of course it is crisp! To me, it’s not subtly complex, it just have much going on. Drinkable, but it won’t grace my fridge again.

The next night I opened up a Christoffel Nobel that was definitely not good anymore. It was like drinking hoppy, piney dish water. This could mean that my beer storage area is not becoming viable anymore in the Summer (no A/C, obvs). Any suggestions out there for what I can do?

Gaffel Kölsch on Ratebeer

Today: 250mL. Year-to-date: 108.02L.


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