May 30th

I was treated to dinner last night at a restaurant that obviously loves Molson products and felt that now was a good time to try a Rickard’s White (ie. now that someone else was paying for it). It has a reputation for being one of the few decent products put out by the macros, which pretty much means that it is drinkable. It came in a lager glass (for shame!) with almost no head. One of my concerns would be how true it sticks to the style, especially in terms of the cloudy body. On this point, it exceeded my imagination. The beer was extremely hazy and, thanks to the really dark lighting in the restaurant, there was no way any light would get through. Unfortunately, the poor lighting also made it looked like someone had mushed up an old banana and put it in my glass.

The taste was pretty much what I had imagined: lots of citrus fruits, but no real spices or yeast. It is quite drinkable, but also really sweet and not something I would want to consume more than one pint of. It is nice to know that I have at least one option the next time I venture out of Beer Geek Land.

Luckily C’est What was just a two minute walk away and offered a chance at redemption. I had missed their Spring Festival because of work but some of the beers remained, including the Stonehammer IPA on cask. My swift and cruel judgment on the beer is that it would have been nicer as a $1 taste. The flavour is overwhelmed by malts, leaving a heavy taste of brown sugar and molasses. The more delicate citrus hops have little chance of getting past this, with only a mild bitterness left to show for the style. This was really disappointing, as was my friend’s Railway City Dead Elephant.

Rickard’s White on Ratebeer

Stonehammer IPA on Ratebeer

Today: 1.02L. Year-to-date: 109.04L.

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