June 12th

Saturday was one of those weird days where you go out for lunch and then find yourself on an adventure that lasts until the night. It all started with hitting up Negroni, the panini mecca of College St. Not only is the food delicious, but they also having a good selection of beers, including the Mill Street Pilsner on tap. A fairly malty pilsner, it also has some grassy notes with a touch of bitterness. Works quite nicely as a compliment to the paninis, offering a light palate cleanse while matching the toasted bread in terms of flavours. The 12oz glasses are a little strange, but at least they are listed on the menu as such.

One in-store performance at Criminal Records later, it was on to the Crooked Star (202 Ossington Ave), a small bar with a decent beer selection. Lots of Wellington beers, including the cask of Arkell Best Bitter (which I am not a fan of). The cask is apparently new and our bartender asked if we knew what cask beer was – a nice touch. He actually did a nice job explaining all the beers, but I was sold once I heard they had Black Oak Pale Ale. The beer came with absolutely no head and was ice cold, but luckily things improved from there. The hops were more present than in the bottled versions, showing lots of pine and ample bitterness. The malt profile is very hidden, which isn’t a surprise when the beer is a clear straw colour. This isn’t a hop bomb though, but a good ale for a late-afternoon session. Still tasted good at the end of my second pint.

Black Oak Pale Ale on Ratebeer

Mill Street Pilsner on Ratebeer

Today: 1.45L. Year-to-date: 119.41L.


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