June 16th

Continuing with this weeks unintentional trend, I had another fruit beer. This bottle of Cannery Blackberry Porter was brought from B.C. by Sophie’s sister (and then from Ottawa to Toronto by Soph) – another example of an amazing person being awesome and gifting me beer. These gifts help excite me when I’m muttering about the backlog of posts I have to write or concerned that my writing is closer to Stephenie Meyer fan fiction than Hemingway’s culinary thoughts. The people who have gifted me beer don’t always get it, but they support me regardless. For example, my parents are on their annual trip to Buffalo this weekend with a tw0-word request – Belgian gueuze. They’ve got no idea what gueuze is and will probably forget the correct pronunciation by the time they hit the border, but they will look because they know it will mean something to me (something other than, “Sweet! Free booze!”). Sorry if that was a cheese-fest. Now back to our regular (and manly) programme.

There is always some trepidation in trying a new beer, especially one that has an odd pairing like blackberries in a porter. My concern is that my palate won’t like the combo (*cough* chili and dark chocolate) and then I’ve got a glass left of something I don’t know what to do with. Luckily my fears about the Blackberry Porter were for naught. The beer heavily features the porter flavours of dark chocolate, chocolate malts, anise and a bit of tar. The blackberry really has to fight to get noticed, though it lends some sugars even when the fruit is not apparent. Everything works well together and the beer tastes cohesive, which is a big plus. It is a robust 6.5% ABV, medium bodied and a little syrupy on the tongue. There wasn’t a whole lot of bitterness, which would be my one complaint (the sugars need to be tamed in the finish). Still, really tasty and interesting. Thanks Nat!

And then I had some homebrewed gifted to me, which turned out to be a sickly sweet “Irish red.” Lots of cherry and toasted grain, but no bitterness. Oh, the unpredicability of homebrews!

Cannery Blackberry Porter on Ratebeer

Today: 650mL. Year-to-date: 121.09L.


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