June 18th

In the past, NXNE has been a big deal for me, with Thursday-Saturday becoming an obsessive game of club hopping to try and catch the best music possible. I scaled it back this year, only going out Friday night for the i (heart) music showcase at the Drake (full disclosure: Matthew, who runs the site, is Soph’s brother-in-law and an all-around awesome dude). The beer list at the Drake was pathetic, unless you’re a hipster who is keen on ironically drinking Labatt 50. Salvation came in the form of  Unibroue‘s Blanche de Chambly. After so many German-style wheat beers recently, it was nice to have a Belgian white as comparison. The Blanche de Chambly was cloudy, but closer to a straw colour than many of the weiss beers. Spices are more dominant, with coriander and pepper. Quite fruity, with apple and a bit of orange. The finish is a little tart, but a thin body makes for an underwhelming end. It is a tasty and well made beer, but the way everything comes together is lacking. A good but not great beer, though definitely a good choice when options are limited.

Earlier in the day, Soph and I split a bottle of Black Oak Pale Ale with our dinner of Indian food. Not only does is it a tasty beer, it pairs well with various foods!

Black Oak Pale Ale on Ratebeer

Blanche de Chambly on Ratebeer

Today: 570mL. Year-to-date: 122.49L.


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