June 20th

My beer trips to Quebec were exciting at first, but over time I have grown accustomed to the same brewers and beers available (with some seasonal fluctuation). That partially explains my excitement over the Simple Malt Cascade IPA – not only was there a new brewer (or another brewer now bottling), they were making American-style IPAs! Of course, saying your beer is an American IPA is quite the throwdown and you had better bring the flavour if you’re going to be tossing that description around.

The Cascade IPA pours a nice copper colour with little head. Competing aromas of caramel, pine and fresh herbs showed a nice complexity. The biggest surprise was a strong raisin flavour, which isn’t something I would call typical of an American IPA. The beer has a moderately strong ABV of 6.4%, but the raisins make it seem extra boozy without any heat from the alcohol. There is still a lot of caramel, which is nicely contrasted by the mellow bitter finish of pine needles. Medium body. A really nice IPA, though it is probably more balanced than many American IPAs (especially the west coast variety). And now I’ve got another Quebec brewer to look out for. Life is good.

Simple Malt Cascade IPA on Ratebeer

Today: 341mL. Year-to-date: 123.33L.


One response to “June 20th

  1. I am heading up to Ottawa/Hull next weekend. I will have to keep my eyes open for this one.

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