June 29th

When I thought up the concept for this blog (chronicling the beers I drink over a twelve-month period), some factors were overlooked. This has become evident once or twice on days like today when I’m posting on Canada Day I can’t link this to the celebration of our great nation. For that information you’ll have to tune in a couple of days from now. Whoops! At least I’ve got a Canadian beer to tell you about: the Charlevoix Vache Folle Herkules Double IPA.

After a long Tuesday at work, combined with the knowledge that I had two days off, meant I was reaching for a strong beer. The Herkules DIPA poured a nice copper colour with a good inch of off-white, creamy head. An ominous aroma of cardboard and vegetables had me recoiling in fear. The first sip overloaded my mouth with a lot of sweetness. I love the idea of using a single hops for making IPAs or DIPAs as it can help my palate figure out the properties of different varieties, but I also need to be able to taste the hop. As I grew accustomed to the sweetness, there was some peach, floral and pine notes. A medium bitterness to the finish. The oxidized cardboard and boiled vegetables also came up some time – not appetizing. The body was a little slick, which I tend to like in my DIPAs, but wasn’t enough to save this beer. Not one I would retry.

Charlevoix Vache Folle Herkules Double IPA

Today: 500mL. Year-to-date: 129.27L.


One response to “June 29th

  1. hmmmm….I just grabbed one of these when I was in Quebec! I normally love DIPA….hope I get a better experience than you. Especially for a Charlevoix beer.

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