Toronto Beer Week

By now you’ve probably already heard that Toronto is getting its very own beer week, but here’s the press release just in case you’ve been unaware.

The team at Toronto Beer Week Ltd. is excited to announce that Toronto will have a week-long celebration of beer this fall. With over 15 North American cities (including Vancouver, San Diego, Chicago and Philadelphia) already hosting successful beer weeks, the time is right for Toronto to stage an event of our own.

Toronto Beer Week (TBW) is a collective series of events dedicated to the celebration and advancement of the craft beer movement. TBW will showcase authentically brewed and flavourful beer, the talented brewers who create them, and the licensees who proudly support them. It’s all about good beer – no bland, mega beer permitted!

The event will kick off the day after the Toronto International Film Festival comes to a close, and will feature dozens of events held at some of the city’s finest restaurants, bars and pubs. Event examples might include:

– Beer dinners

– Feature cask ale tastings

– Brewing demonstrations

– Neighbourhood pub crawls

– Beer trivia evenings

– And much, much more

The TBW team will work with breweries and licensees to develop unique events that suit their independent character. We are working hard on some exciting ways to promote the Week and encourage awareness of the incredible beers that are now available in Toronto. Updates and more information can be found at or on our Facebook page or Twitter account.

Toronto Beer Week Ltd. – TBW is a collectively owned organization involving some of Toronto’s most seasoned and passionate beer industry members. Our team includes publicans, brewers, media, marketers, and authors, all bringing their valuable experience and vision to create a significant event that reflects the best interests of all participants.

If you are interested in obtaining more information on how you or your business can get involved, please contact:

John Bowden

Executive Director, Toronto Beer Week 416.803.3669

BrewDog are coming in, which hopefully means some Sink the Bismarck or Tactical Nuclear Penguin being available. When I talked with Cass last week, he said the focus was not going to be solely on Ontario beers, which will help differentiate it from Ontario Craft Beer Week. It’ll be interesting to see if they can get more of the Toronto brewpubs involved (Duggan’s and Mill Street were rather absent from OCB Week) or pull in people from outside the beer geek crowd (a main complaint against OCB Week, at least from people in Toronto). Regardless, Toronto seems ripe for this sort of event and I can’t wait to see what events are planned.


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