July 3rd

Ah, that was a nice mini-break. My birthday was Monday and I felt like having a couple of days off to do some other things like work and complain about the heat. One thing I love about being the birthday boy is getting to pick the restaurant for the family outing. And where would the beer lover choose but beerbistro? For the special occasion, a Rochefort 6 was first up. One thing I like about the Rochefort lineup is that they have such complexity no two tastings are the same. Give different people the same sample and their palates will likely come up with varying flavours. The 6 poured a medium brown, with some light passing through. No head. Nose of candied sugar, cocoa, yeast and light berries. No flavour dominated. A really even blend of caramel malts, grapes and the same qualities as the aromas. I love the Rochefort beers because they are so complex yet don’t overwhelm. Just sit back and let the flavours wash over you.

I always prefer to go for a liquid dessert at a nice beer place, especially when there is Cantillon to be had. The Cantillon Rosé de Gambrinus is a raspberry lambic and tart as all hell. It was the first experience of a sour beer for my family and I wish I had videotaped their faces when they took their obligatory sips. That shit would be hilarious in slow-motion, but alas. The raspberry in the beer was quite subdued, but did lend a superb rose colour. Sour, vinegary and musty, it was quite the delectable beer. Plus it had a saucy label that also provided for some amusement around the table. Is there anything beer can’t do?!

A quick comment on the food: the pulled pork at beerbistro has been given substantial praise, but I was disappointed. The sauce was too sweet and overpowering. Plus, the sauced the bottom of the plate, eliminating the ability to pick up the sandwich. Abject fail.

Cantillon Rosé de Gambrinus on Ratebeer

Rochefort 6 on Ratebeer

Today: 705mL. Year-to-date: 133.1L.


One response to “July 3rd

  1. Some of the best pulled pork sandwiches I’ve had have been super sloppy ones. At bb with all of that gear between the buns it’s terribly hard (and messy) to eat with the hands.

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