July 8th

After a weekend of fairly heavy drinking, a strict three days of no alcohol was much needed (hence the lack of posting last week). On Monday the thought of beer made me slightly nauseous. I worked all of Tuesday and was too exhausted when I got home to think about having a drink. Wednesday was brutally hot and I could barely keep drinking enough water. A beer would have been nice, but still wanted to give myself an extra days rest. Three days without a beer probably sounds normal to most people, but is pretty rare for me. The only exceptions are usually when I’m sick or that time when I burned my tongue and couldn’t taste anything for a couple of days. My assumption was that I would be craving beer pretty hard by the time Thursday came, but that wasn’t the case. I just wanted something to go with dinner, so Soph and I split a can of Great Lakes Devil’s Pale Ale. Nothing special, just something to get the liver working again. No more rest for you, vital organ!

Great Lakes Devil’s Pale Ale on Ratebeer

Today: 250mL. Year-to-date: 134.85L.


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