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A three-peat newsday!

Charlevoix is coming to Toronto! HMH Negotiants are bringing in both a line of Charlevoix beers and their brewers (the beers for good, hopefully; the brewers for a weekend). Most importantly, it is going down this weekend:

Friday, July 16th | 6:00pm-8:00pm
Meet the Brewers @ The Only Café
The Only Café will be serving Microbrasserie Charlevoix Dominus Vobiscum Tripel and La Vache Folle Imperial Milk Stout in bottles with the brewers and founders present! – 972 Danforth Avenue Toronto, ON (416) 463-7843

Friday, July 16th | 9:00pm
Meet the Brewers @ The Rhino
The Rhino will be serving MicroBrasserie Charlevoix; Dominus Vobiscum Reserva Hibernus, Dominus Vobiscum Reserva Lupulus, La Vache Folle Imperial Milk Stout, Dominus Vobiscum Tripel in bottles with the brewers and founders present. – 1249 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON (416) 535-8089

Saturday, July 17th | 7:00pm – 12:00pm
Launch Party @ barVolo

barVolo and HMH Negotiants will host the main MicroBrasserie Charlevoix launch event starting at 7:00pm open to the public.The brewers and founders form MicroBrasserie Charlevoix will be in attendance and the following bottles will be available; Dominus Vobiscum (Blanche, Double, Tripel), Grand Reserva Lupulus, Grand Reserva Hibernus, La Vache Folle, Amarillo Double IPA, Herkules Double IPA, Imperial Milk Stout, ESB.

Sunday, July 18th | 12:00pm – 5:00pm
Charlevoix / Biergotter / barVolo Collaboration Brew Day!
With the addition of barVolo’s new pilot brew system, Frederick Tremblay from Microbrasserie Charlevoix, Russ and Eric from Biergotter Homebrew Club and Ralph Morana from barVolo will be collaborating to make a one off brew. This brew day will be open to the public. We will be serving beers in bottles from Microbrasserie Charlevoix.

HMH is also bringing in two beer from Phillips Brewing (Victoria, BC):

Phillips Hop Circle IPA,
India Pale Ale (6.5%) 24 x 341ML
Private Consumer $65.00

India Pale Ale for the hoppy at heart. Let this otherworldly IPA abduct the hell out of your senses. The gravitational pull of the hop circle will have you searching the galaxy for another close encounter of the thirst kind. Resistance is futile.

Amnesiac Double IPA
Imperial/Double IPA (8.5%) 12 x 650ML
Private Consumer $70.00

For those who can handle a big beer! Mind blowing amounts of hops give this beer tons of flavour and aroma. Not for the faint of heart. The bigger meaner cousin to the Phillips Hop Circle IPA.

And finally, The Bar Towel Specialty Imports are offering some beers from Picaroons Traditional Ales (Fredericton, NB) for import:

We are thrilled to offer Picaroons as a Private Order for consumers in Ontario.  With this private order, you are able to order full cases of five of Picaroons’ finest ales: Best Bitter Ale, Man’s Best Friend Porter, Timber Hog Stout, Yippee IPA and Man’s Best Friend Pilsner.

You can find out more and place your order here: ORDER NOW


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