July 13th

Before I tell you all about the Edelweiss Weissbier Snowfresh, a disclaimer is needed due to the fact that I am half-Austrian. That fact may explained why I am predisposed to love a wheat beer that is flavoured with alpine herbs (as well as schnitzels and a variety of cured meats. Though I hate marzipan, so my theory might be bunk). Pours a hazy straw with a small head for a wheat beer. Lots of lemon and citrus, which goes well with the notes of pine and herbs. The added ingredients don’t overwhelm the beer, but add a different spiciness than is usually found in a German wheat beer. It is a tad too sweet, but I don’t know if adding some hops to dry out the beer would interfere with the herbal notes. Regardless, this is a nice wheat beer that satisfies though warm weather days. (And for those sticklers about drinking size, it is one of the few German weisses that is less than 500mL.)

Edelweiss Weissbier Snowfresh on Ratebeer

Today: 330mL. Year-to-date: 137.82L.


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