July 16th

On days like today there is no filler, just a review. It feels redundant to say that Friday was yet another sweltering day but there you have it. My lady-friend and I hit up Bar Volo for a pre-movie pint, where I snagged the last pint of Grand River Raspberry Pils. Call me girlie, but I like my fruit beers to look like the fruit I’m drinking – none of this gold-with-hints-of-ruby garbage. An early knock on the beer, but I still had faith in Grand River. A medium raspberry on the nose, but far from the assault that many fruit beers impart. Some definite grassy and floral aromas as well. Again, the taste of raspberry is fairly tame, still allowing the biscuity malts to come through. Nice hopping at the end provides a quick shot of bitterness to balance out the fruit. Light mouthfeel. This beer is really trying to be both a fruit beer and a pilsner, though the end result is that it feels like neither. Yes, it was refreshing on a hot day, but being thirst quenching does not mean the beer is good.

Grand River Raspberry Pils on Ratebeer

Today: 550mL. Year-to-date: 139.77L.


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