July 17 (Part II)

Once the Charlevoix tasting was over I rushed out to Etobicoke to spend the evening on a deck that was literally over Lake Ontario. I was also toting along some Corona Extra‘s that were quasi-gifted from a friend and, while obviously not my usual drink of choice, seemed appropriate for dock sitting. After a glass of sangri, I wondered how the Corona would taste with the remaining fruit (limes, strawberries and nectarines). It was inspired by the playful pairings at the Charlevoix event and the fact that I didn’t really want to taste the Corona. The resulting drink was okay, but I don’t expect the beer-sangria to be appearing in Canadian Living anytime soon.

Special beers that I bring in from outside of the province usually get reserved for occasions that fall somewhere outside of the everyday. They are too few to open on Wednesday nights when I’m at home watching Bones. Saturday night seemed like a good time to break open the Lagunitas Sonoma Farmhouse Hop Stoopid, because a) it is an 8% double IPA and I couldn’t finish a 750mL bottle on my own (okay, maybe I could, but I shouldn’t), and b) the weather is always a bit cooler on the lake and it would help warm us up a bit.

The Hop Stoopid poured a clear orange with a great aroma of pine and citrus. The first flavours were orange zest and grapefruit, followed by a strong resin taste. The bitterness really took hold at the end, but managed to be smooth enough so that the hops weren’t overwhelming. Very prickly on the tongue. A great DIPA, with vibrant, clear flavours. It was so good that I might not share it next time…

Corona Extra on Ratebeer

Lagunitas Sonoma Farmhouse Hop Stoopid on Ratebeer

Today: 630mL. Year-to-date: 141L.

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