July 20th

My tour of the LCBOs general list was spurred on by my brother’s gift of a selection of beers from around the world. They are the beers you see in every medium or large sized LCBO, though whoever purchases these beers is a mystery (presumably lots of ex-pats or wannabe ex-pats). One such beer is the Wells Bombardier, an English bitter. England never gets much respect in beer circles, except as the home of cask ale, presumably because they are more fond of the sessionable ale than really big beers. It is easy to forget that Britain is the home of the IPA, porter, stout/imperial stout and barley wine as these styles have been appropriated and modified by American craft brewers.

The Brits tend to brew beers that emphasize the role of malt, which is another reason why hop-head geeks may not give enough praise to English-style ales. The Bombardier is a prototypical example, with a lot of pale and crystal malts giving a nutty caramel flavour to the beer. There is a nice bitterness at the end, helping achieve a balanced, if understated, finish. Not a complex beer, but one that is mighty tasty.

Wells Bombardier on Ratebeer

Today: 250mL. Year-to-date: 141.25L.


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