July 31st

The House on Parliament operates on that weird stretch of Parliament where Cabbagetown becomes Regent Park and this is evident in the bar. The food is well prepared and slightly adventurous in parts, while the draught list is really sub-par – apparently there are still places that serve Blue on tap. These are desperate times when the Great Lakes Orange Peel Ale is the feature tap and, subsequently, the best beer option. Not to knock the Orange Peel Ale as it was better than I remember – plainly evident orange but a solid amount of bitterness to give some balance. It was served with an orange, perhaps the one time I didn’t mind getting a fruit wedge on my glass. A little over-carbonated on tap, but a decent body. As for the House on Parliament, it had a friendly and social atmosphere – definitely a place where the regulars and staff are quite chummy. Nice service, though a bit slow at times. A good start to the long weekend.

Great Lakes Orange Peel Ale on Ratebeer

Today: 550mL. Year-to-date: 144.88L.

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