August 5th

Today brings us another installment of the somewhat informative and possibly not so entertaining series of beers available at the LCBO year-round. No surprise, we have a German hefeweisse yet again – the Schneider Weisse Original. With all of the Schneider products that have been available recently, it is hard to talk about the Original without comparing it to the Organic or Hopfen weizens. Those beers have trained my palate to expect really dry wheat beers, making the Original a little too sweet and fruity.  The clove is barely present and this lack of spiciness really hurts the beer. I like it, but it is definitely a notch below the other Schneider offerings. Woe is the man with too many wheat beers to choose from.

Schneider Weisse Original on Ratebeer

Today: 500mL. Year-to-date: 146.36L.


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