August 7th

Sometimes – a lot of the time – I take beer too seriously. There are situations where a certain level of intensity is warranted, but until someone asks me to judge a beer competition I can take solace in the fact that nothing really happens when I drink. A brewery or publican might make some money, there is a possibility of getting drunk or tipsy, a couple of brain cells go out the door and my liver gets one step closer to complete meltdown, but nobody really cares about any of that. So while I spent Saturday night drinking some really great beers (Chimay Rouge, Southern Tier 2xIPA and Un*Earthly), there were no tasting notes done, no analyzing the minutiae of hop-to-malt ratios. There was more attention paid to how my Worms characters were doing, which was usually poorly (and yes, Worms video games are still being made and they are still fun).

It is too easy to get wrapped up into the idea that we have to drink the best possible beer at any time. But most people get into beer drinking because it is supposed to be fun, laid back and enjoyable, a fact that can get lost on myself and other beer geeks. Too often we slip into the territory of our evil arch-nemesis, the wine snob. It can be confusing – both stereotypes usually have facial hair, but the wine snob prefers the trim goatee and will wear a blazer instead of a five year old beer fest t-shirt. Whatever your preferred tipple, it is important every now and then to just enjoy the beer, whilst letting everything else be.

Chimay Rouge on Ratebeer

Southern Tier 2xIPA on Ratebeer

Southern Tier Un*Earthly on Ratebeer

Today: 1L. Year-to-date: 147.72L.


One response to “August 7th

  1. Agreed! You’ve got to step back and just relax sometimes! Not over think it and just enjoy!

    Also – awesome on the Worms!

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