August 18th

The Great Divide Hercules Double IPA is a beer that had to be written up before the end of August, when life as we know it will cease to exist (because I will no longer be tracking my beer consumption, not because of any weird predictions made by the Mayans, Nostradamus or Rapturists). The Hercules poured a hazy copper with some definite sediment floating around the glass – not that attractive and somewhat surprising, but I’ll go with the flow. The aromas are unbelievable – bright and vibrant grapefruit, pine and some slight earthiness. Grapefruit hits the tongue with a bit of citrus rind around the edges, pineapple, then some pine and herbal notes. Really nice, but not quite “Wow!” flavours, possibly because the bottle was brewed in April. The finish is boozy, amplified by caramel malts and a distinct nutty quality. Pine starts to creep back into the end as it warms up, lighting up the back of the tongue. Medium bodied with soft carbonation. An exceptionally well-balanced DIPA and one that exceeds the hype.

Earlier in the day I met up with a fellow Bar Toweller to exchange some private order beer and grab a pint at the Academy of Spherical Arts. The Academy is a beautiful bar in the Liberty Village ‘hood, filled with lots of fine alcohol and beautiful pool tables (the building used to be a Brunswick factory). The beer list was nice, complete with a couple of Belgian ales that I hadn’t seen in Toronto before. But it was noon and I felt like something basic, so a pint of Mill Street Tankhouse was ordered. It is rare for me to drink some Tankhouse anymore, which is a reminder that Toronto is now filled with a vast number of quality beer taps. It still tastes good though!

Great Divide Hercules Double IPA on Ratebeer

Mill Street Tankhouse on Ratebeer

Today: 950mL. Year-to-date: 151.86L.


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