August 24th

Welcome to the final week blowout sale presented by A Year of Beer! Okay, there is no actual sale involved, but a final push for me to drink/review everything and anything in my fridge that is the slightest bit interesting. It seems unbelievable that a year has gone by and soon I won’t be doing these almost-daily posts and boring the minds of a handful of beer geeks. Get ready for things to change!

But before too far ahead, there is still beer to review. Or marginal beers, in the case of the Dundee Porter. A vigorous pour resulted in only a tiny white head sitting atop the dark brown beer. The aroma was decent, giving off the usual roasted malt and chocolate notes. Everything was going well up until my first sip – one of those where you suddenly contort your face in a mix of confusion and disgust. The Dundee Porter is basically a glass of chocolate malt syrup, lacking anything that gives complexity – a trace of roasted malts, bittering hops or other complimentary flavours. Instead, the beer suddenly thins out mid-sip, leaving a strong aftertaste of residual sugars. It was a challenge to drink half of this, the rest being a drain pour.

A Black Oak 10 Bitter Years was required to get that awful taste out of my mouth (and to make room to buy some more in September when the next batch is released). It is nice to know that this beer doesn’t deteriorate that much over time, though I wouldn’t recommend aging it. Delicious.

Black Oak 10 Bitter Years on Ratebeer

Dundee Porter on Ratebeer

Today: 540mL. Year-to-date: 154.65L.

One response to “August 24th

  1. Now you either have to come up with a new concept or expand the one you’ve already got. A decade of beer, maybe?

    Although, in fairness, that would be nearly 1600 litres of beer. 🙂

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