August 31st

And so, the Girardin Gueuze Black Label ends my little journey of 365 days of beer exploration. The big wrap-up post where I wax-poetic about what this year meant to me will have to wait for another day as it would be unfair to steal the light from this amazing beer. It only seemed fitting to consume a bottle of gueuze (“the champagne of beers”) as my celebratory tipple for making it through a year of blogging.While my year feels like a big accomplishment, this bottle contains beer that was probably fermenting and aging before this blog began. I’m still a total newb in the beer world.

The Girardin Black Label poured a nice apricot colour with golden hues. The aroma bathed me in funk – barnyard, hay and lemon peel. The beer starts quite sweetly, opening with crisp green apple and honey before giving way to the common gueuze characteristics. The tart funkiness takes over, which I can only describe as a cross between a musty cellar filled with cobwebs and dusty library where sunlight comes in as streaks through stained glass windows. Not as sour as other gueuzes, the Black Label tastes more like a beer that has been given a healthy squirt of lemon juice. I realize how repulsive all of those attributes may sound, but the end result is an absolutely delicious and complex beer. Cheers to me!

Girardin Gueuze Black Label on Ratebeer

Today: 200mL. Final Tally: 159.39L.


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