A Year Week of (No) Beer

My name is Mike and it has been a week since I’ve had a beer. I needed a break after Cask Days and wanted to give my liver a chance to recover before destroying it all over again when I go to Seattle tomorrow. I know the next six days are going to be taxing on my vital organs, so the idea was to make sure they are fresh before consuming pints of imperial stouts and Belgian ales. And I just wanted to see if it could be done. I know people who’ve given up beer/alcohol for things like Lent and have always wondered, a) what the experience would be like and b) if I could do it. Being an agnostic heathen I don’t have the excuse of Lent, but this pre-travel week seemed as good a time as any to see what a week without beer would be like. In short, sucky.

Going cold turkey may seem like an odd strategy – surely an athlete would do some sort of training the week before running a marathon or playing in the Super Bowl (unless you are Randy Moss). I did not entirely swear off alcohol, but only had a bit of whiskey one night so my alcohol consumption has considerably dropped (it would have been more but I wasn’t feeling great during the weekend and had to skip my brother’s birthday outing). The first couple of days were easy as I just didn’t want beer, still reeling from the effects of the weekend and the release of the Cheshire Valley Mild. Last night was the first time I was really craving a beer, watching some football and decompressing after a short but intense day of work. My taste buds were at war with my will power as a Pavlovian response kicked in – just thinking about having a beer got me salivating. I resisted, but the desire still exists (even at 10:50am). Going any longer is now verging on torture. My next beer will be when I’m on Pacific time, though I may not last till American soil.

Edit: I should also mention that this will probably be the last post of the week, but expect lots of posts next week as I recap my trip. See you next Monday!


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