Ontario Microbreweries: The Fifth Tier

The bottom tier is occupied by own brewery in a class of its own:

Trafalgar Brewing

Regulars: 1/5. Their Elora beers are passable, but overly sweet. Sadly, they represent the highpoint of the Trafalgar output.

Seasonals: 0/5.They almost got a point for the initial batch of the Hop Nouveau, but one good beer doesn’t make up for loads of sour beer. Never buy a seasonal Trafalgar unless five separate sources agree that it is good. Breaking this rule may lead to you being placed in an institution.

Consistency: 0/5. You don’t get consistency points for regularly making bad beer.

Availability: 4/5. It is hard not to award major points in this category because there always seem to be two or three of their seasonal beers in the LCBO all across the province. You win this round, Trafalgar.

Extras: 1/5. I saw them at an event once! That’s all I’ve got.

Total: 6/25. Yes, that’s bad, but what do you expect when you continuously make an inferior product?

For a more complete and really scathing post about Trafalgar, see what St. John’s Wort had to say about the brewery. Come back tomorrow for the next tier of Ontario microbreweries.


3 responses to “Ontario Microbreweries: The Fifth Tier

  1. Very Nice Mike. Sadly I may fit into the “being put in an institution” category this year!

  2. So, I’m trying Hop Nouveau 2012 right now, and I must say, it’s on par. For the first bottle. It was sitting on the shelf at the local LC for a few weeks looking lonely, and your dismal review was a bit of a challange for me. I decided to give it a go, and I must say, they hit the mark this year. Perhaps they saw your review and decided to step up the game? Maybe. TOO much head on this beer though, holy wow.

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