News & Brews – It’s February!

Danish Beer Invasion!

The latest brewery feature started appearing on LCBO shelves this week, bringing the lovely beers of Denmark’s Norrebro Bryghus to our fine province. Five beers are included in the release: Bombay Pale Ale ($7.50, LCBO # 210849, Ratebeer), La Granja Stout made with Ontario maple syrup just for the release ($10.15, LCBO# 199729, Ratebeer), Little Korkny Ale ($21.95, LCBO #211250, Ratebeer), Julebryg ($7.50, LCBO# 211268, Ratebeer) and Var Tripel 2010 ($9.35, LCBO# 210773, Ratebeer). The beers will only be appearing in select LCBOs, so hopefully you live somewhere near a major urban centre. If not, the LCBO hates you and recommends Carlsberg Light instead.

Queer Beer Festival

You read that correctly. According to Troy at Great Canadian Beer Blog, the first ever Queer Beer Festival will happen in Toronto on August 4th. The website isn’t live yet, but apparently this is being put on by the same people who run the Toronto Festival of Beer. I am definitely looking forward to this.

And apparently Troy changed the name to his blog! That is all.

A Night With Le Trou du Diable

The poster pretty much says it all.


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