The Forgotten Tier: Unrated Ontario Micros

In case you think this was an error of omission, know that some breweries were purposefully left out of the Ontario microbrewery tiers. In most cases the reason was because I just hadn’t tried enough beers to make some sort of judgment on the brewery. A lot of these breweries would have filled out the bottom tiers, but not always. The leftovers are:

Barley Days



House Ales (which seems to be how Volo is branding their beers. I’ve tried a good number but the project is just starting to take off so I don’t want to judge it too soon)

Kichesippi/Heritage/Scotch-Irish (waiting to see how this shakes out after Kichesippi bought Heritage)

Maclean’s Ale

Niagara’s Best

Old Credit


TAPS Brew Pub

Feel free to leave your own judgments or let me know of any other breweries that have been forgotten.


2 responses to “The Forgotten Tier: Unrated Ontario Micros

  1. I’m sure TAPS and Church-Key will be in tier 1 or 2 one day, if not already.

    Everything I have had from TAPS is amazing (Belgian IPA, Shipwreck Stout)…but they’re not widely available. Church-Key also has some of my favs, but availability is an issue (one beer in the LCBO…but it’s not the best).

    • The TAPS Belgian IPA is nice and their brewpub is on my list of places to go this summer. I like that they are showing up more in bars like Volo. Only had the Northumberland from Church-Key once or twice and it wasn’t anything special, but the Holy Smoke is nice (though I haven’t been seeing it as frequently).

      Availability is what holds a lot of micros back (and makes lots of money for a handful).

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