Weekly Pics

Yes, the Super Bowl seems like it was weeks ago, but this lead photo is for my dear friend Maggie. Not only is she awesome, but she regularly keeps me stocked with beers from Wisconsin and gave me the gift of a cheese head once. So even though it seems like old news, it is only right to start off this photo set by celebrating the Packers of Green Bay.

For the record, the Hinterland Luna Coffee Stout is not a beer to seek out, unless you like the burnt flavours of over-roasted coffee. If the backlash to beers infused with coffee flavours hasn’t already started, let me lead the charge.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, my need for a beer under 8% ABV led me to picking up a sixer of Duggan’s #9. Damn, this is tastier than I remember. And though it feels shameful to admit, the 275mL bottle size was even nice compared to 500mL of boozy imperial stouts and barley wines.


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