Ontario Craft Brewers Take on The Beer Store

Sort of. And not in the way you probably wish. While most craft beer drinkers in Ontario would probably love the annihilation of the LCBO/Beer Store oligopoly, the Ontario Craft Brewers are tackling the issue of advertising and product placement within the Beer Store according to an article from the Wall Street Journal:

Calling the province’s current system unfair, Ontario Craft Brewers, a trade group representing about 30 of the province’s craft beer makers, is trying to gain more visibility at the 440 Beer Store outlets. The group pitched the management of the chain last month on rewriting its contracts with all brewers in hopes of garnering more store displays and other opportunities to rev up sales.

To the established craft beer drinker this may not be of great importance (The Beer Store is just a vehicle to return beer bottles and get some cash, personally), but any change would be a big boost for our craft brewers when you consider that about 80% of beer sales occur through The Beer Store (according to the article). It is also great to see an article that discusses the deficiencies with our current model for beer-retail. More Ontarians need to know how much The Beer Store is crippling our craft brewers and feeding the wallets of the big breweries.


3 responses to “Ontario Craft Brewers Take on The Beer Store

  1. Great article, I couldn’t of said it any better. As a homebrewer and Craft Beer consumer, I am against what the Beer Store stands for. It should be done away with and open up the retail sale of beer to anyone who wants to sell it. Just go to NY state and see how they sell beer.Big beer companies should not have exclusive rights to sell beer.

  2. Check out Beer Wars, it’ll give you an understanding of a controlled Beer Market 🙂

    Not sure you want to have it setup the same way it is in the USA.

    Can view “Beer Wars” on Netflix or youtube link below.


    • I have seen Beer Wars and would not advocate for that system – the Beer Store would just become a distribution monopoly – but it is hard to like the Ontario retail model compared with states like New York

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