What I Drank This Weekend: Keith’s Ambrosia Blonde

The name of a beer often will give an impression of the taste or style of the beer. Just think for a second of what you might expect the latest in the line of Alexander Keith’s Brew Masters series, the Ambrosia Blonde,  to taste like. Perhaps your mind goes to that ungodly salad of marshmallows, coconut, whipped cream and canned fruits. I envisioned a beer with fruity and floral elements, sort of a tamer saison. According to the press insert, the “100% all malt beer” is supposed to be moderately bitter and actually contain some hops, all while having the clean, crisp finish of a lager. Marketing department, you’ve got my attention.

And just about none of that is true. The Ambrosia Blonde poured with an inch of white head that quickly fizzled away. The aroma was full of wet grains, the exact same smell as a brewery when the mash is steeping. A quick swirl of the glass gave a much more fruity aroma. Light cereal and caramel flavours first hit the tongue, then a brief moment of nothing before a long-lasting finish of cardboard and grain. None of that hoppiness that was promised, though I do believe this was an all-malt beer – it just tastes like the first brew of a homebrewer that had only used malt extracts before. Add in a thin body and way too much carbonation to get the sum of one bad beer.

Recommended If You Like: Drinking from the bottle. Thinking that Keith’s is Canadian-owned. Frosted tips. Fast food.


One response to “What I Drank This Weekend: Keith’s Ambrosia Blonde

  1. I adore Keith’s! I’m from Nova Scotia so it’s in my blood 🙂

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