Toronto Beer Week Recap: Monday

In case you’ve never heard of Randall the Enamel Animal, let me give you a brief description. Randall is a device that gets attached to the end of a tap line and filled with hops, herbs, spices, etc. As the beer passes through, it extracts some of the flavour and changes the taste of your drink. Created by the visionaries at Dogfish Head, the Randall has become a favourite of hop heads in need of an even bigger fix.

There are few establishments in Ontario with a Randall, one of them being The Burger Bar in Toronto’s Kensington Market. The Burger Bar started its rise to craft beer destination during TBW last year and are continuing to expand into the beer world through the Randall and hop-infused burgers and sausages. They featured the Muskoka Mad Tom running through a Randall filled with whole Centennial hops and it was the best pint of Mad Tom I’ve ever had. Mad Tom can sometimes be on the dry side for me, but the Randall really improved the mouthfeel and brought a fresh green hop taste that rounded out the flavours. The Randall may be dismissed as gimicky, but it does make for a completely different beer experience. The Burger Bar has a lot of other great events this week – check out their website for full details.


One response to “Toronto Beer Week Recap: Monday

  1. Although I have never seen a Randall, I think this would change the future of beer experience. This is a great innovation. Imagine tasting a beer with a kiss of strawberry, or perhaps chocolate.

    Good find man. Thank you for sharing this news.

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