LCBO Winter Warmers 2011

A sly Bart Towel forum member spotted the LCBOs Winter Warmers 2011 list online yesterday, so it only seemed appropriate to pass on the information as these lists bring some of the most exciting beers into Ontario (especially the Winter list, which is often filled with imperial stouts, barley wines and Belgian ales).

A grand total of four beers that have not appeared in the LCBO before, three of which most serious beer drinkers have likely tried (there was a Nogne O private order a few years back, while the Brooklyn Monster Ale and Charlevoix Double aren’t exactly hard to find in the States and Quebec, respectively). The reappearance of Trafalgar is disheartening, much like Aunt Judy giving you underwear for Christmas after giving you a $100 cheque last year. But all those repeats? Damn, they are pretty good beers! Three wonderful imperial stouts that will be perfect for snowy days. (The Creme Brulee is the loser of the bunch. Didn’t buy any last year and won’t this year.) The Jacobite was at a fantastic price point last year, which will hopefully continue (I will update this post when I find out prices). The Dark & Handsome is a welcome addition, mainly because it’s an old ale and that is a style I want to drink more of. Should be another good season for beer!


2 responses to “LCBO Winter Warmers 2011

  1. Mostly agree with your assessment of ST’s Creme Brulee. It’s a little overwhelming…if I recall correctly, this beer can’t be consumed in large quantities. I made the mistake of cracking a bottle last winter and was stuck with a difficult decision: dump half or drink 750ml of desert all by my lonesome.

    • I don’t think I could drink half, recap and then finish the next day. Not that I consider it a bad beer, just not to my tastes.

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