Year End Roundup: Steve Beauchesne of Beau’s

2011 is almost finished and the holiday season is nigh. My gift to you all throughout the next couple of weeks is that you will be saved from my opinions as we find out what people in Ontario’s beer industry thought about the past year. They will tell us about the favourite beers, events and have a look into the crystal ball to make some predictions for 2012. Starting us off is Steve Beauchesne, co-founder of Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co.

A Year of Beer!: 2011 was an exciting year for craft beer in Ontario. What were some of your highlights?

Steve Beauchesne: Well, BYBO obviously is pretty high up there, but this year has had a lot of cool stuff happen…the Pan Ontario beer released for OCB Week was cool, the launch of our Greener Futures Barrel Aged Beer series was pretty killer, too.  Our Oktoberfest was great, Toronto Beer Week was stellar, Cask Days…too much to talk about really.

AYOB!: What was your favourite Beau’s beer in 2011?

SB: Barrel Aged Screaming Beaver or Bog Father or Winterbrewed or LugTread or…really its like asking me which kid was my favourite.  how could I choose?

AYOB!: What was your favourite beer made from another Ontario brewery?

SB: Dude, Where’s My Czar. [Ed. note: This beer is made by Great Lakes]

AYOB!: What was the biggest trend in the Ontario craft brewing industry this past year? What trends do you predict for 2012?

SB: Nano brewing shot up big time this year.  I’m hoping collaborations for 2012.

AYOB!: The BYBO service is back and has unintentionally become a sign that Ontario needs to change its liquor laws. What have the past couple of weeks been like? Can we call this a Christmas miracle?

SB: Yeah, miracle for sure.  The last two weeks have been a surreal roller coaster of emotion.

AYOB!: Any hints as to what we can expect from Beau’s next year?

SB: Collaboration beers with Anders Kissmeyer, Alex Barlow, Trou de Diable and hopefully Elysian, too.  Lots more barrel aged yummy stuff and general revolutionary cool stuff.

Thanks to Steve for taking the time to give us his perspective on the past year. Stay tuned for more year end roundups in the coming weeks!


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