Year End Roundup: Ken Woods of Black Oak

If such a prize existed, Ken Woods would be a yearly contender for Hardest Working Person in the Craft Beer Industry. Whether he’s up to his elbows in malt, doing yet another delivery of kegs or supplying Facebook with “You know you’re a craft brewer when…” jokes, Ken is constantly busy. He took the time out of out of this packed schedule to provide answer our year end questions.

A Year of Beer!: 2011 was an exciting year for craft beer in Ontario. What were some of your highlights?

Ken Woods: Slow and cold Spring that turned into a great Summer.

AYOB!: What was your favourite Black Oak beer in 2011?

KW: I really like our Pale Ale but the “Smoke Bomb” Pale Ale on Cask was outstanding.

AYOB!: What was your favourite beer made from another Ontario brewery?

KW: Big fan of the Granite’s Summer Ale. (A very difficult question!!)

AYOB!: What was the biggest trend in craft brewing this past year? What trends do you predict for 2012?

KW: Biggest Trend: one-off Casks…I think this will translate into specialty One-Off beers appearing in the LCBO.

AYOB!: Any hints as to what we can expect from Black Oak next year? Will you still be bitter?

KW: I’m always bitter, just my nature,  We hope to be in more LCBO & Beer Stores with our regular Pale Ale & Nut Brown Ale. With a lot of luck people may be finding our seasonal beers available in the LCBO.

Here’s hoping the Ken’s prediction is true and more Black Oak beers appear on the shelves of the LCBO! Thanks to Ken for his time.


One response to “Year End Roundup: Ken Woods of Black Oak

  1. And he’s such a nice guy!

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