Weekly Pics – Getting Ready for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is terrible. It is a day for amateur drinkers, the people who think they need an excuse to get shit faced. (Those of us who have gone pro know that you never need an excuse to drink and also have the decency not to puke in the streets, in a cab or on the TTC.) The idea of adding green food colouring to a beautifully made pilsner is abhorrent, because the brewer worked so hard to get that gorgeous beer. But it’s a big cultural thing that is hard to escape. Steam Whistle is getting into the spirit with a St. Patrick’s Day party at the brewery from 2pm to midnight. They’ve also been promoting the Leprechaun boot at bars in Ontario, which holds 1L of beer and is yours to keep when ordered. My guess is that these boots were meant to arrive for their Oktoberfest party but were delayed and have been culturally re-appropriated. Either way, it should be a beautiful Saturday, so get out and enjoy great beer, not that we ever need an excuse. And then enjoy more great beer at the Pints of March at the Brewery Market on Sunday.

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