What I Drank Last Weekend: The Legendary Muskoka Spring Oddity

Putting the word legendary in the name of your brand new beer is pretty ballsy, but that’s exactly what Muskoka has done with the Legendary Muskoka Spring Oddity (750mL, $9.95, 8% ABV). The name brings to mind two questions – what is legendary about the beer and what is odd? The oddity part is easier to answer: the ingredients include heather tips, juniper berries and orange peel shavings. Throw is some Belgian yeast and candi sugar to get this obviously Belgian-style ale.

The LMSO pours a clear straw colour with a big, white head that leaves nice lacings around the glasses as it diminishes. There is a big aroma of yeast, orange peel and a strong bouquet of Noble hops. The first sip starts with the sweet Belgian candi sugar, a hint of juniper, then a dry finish of musty grass clippings. The finish is long, dry and has a spicy note of pepper. The dry finish helps accentuate the alcohol, giving a warmth to the end. As the beer warms and opens up I got a distinct taste of cream soda to go along with the candi sugar in the beginning. Medium bodied with a lower amount of carbonation than I’m used to in Belgian style beers.

Calling this beer an oddity is a bit of a stretch. It really is just a well made Belgian strong pale ale that has a lot in common with tripels. The candi sugar is nicely balanced with the dry finish, which helps create a nice evolution of flavours. Who knows if the LMSO will really become legendary, but it stands a decent chance. It is now available at the LCBO and select bars.


2 responses to “What I Drank Last Weekend: The Legendary Muskoka Spring Oddity

  1. I think it’s called the Oddity because Muskoka is planning to do a different beer every Spring. As in, this will be a one off, and next year we’ll get something different (or at least, that’s what they told me).

  2. I like the fact that you used an acronym.

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