LCBO 2012 Summer Beer Release and Tree Brewery Feature

The LCBO summer release for 2012 has been announced! The following beers are set to hit store shelves starting the week of May 27th.

LCBO#/Product Name/%ABV/Size/Suggested Retail/Country

224824/Lindeman’s Cuvee Rene/5.5%/355mL/$6.45/Belgium (Ratebeer)
288522/Dieu du Ciel! Rosee d’Hibiscus/5.9%/4x341mL/11.85/Canada (Ratebeer)
283945/Phillips Ginger Beer/5%/650mL/$5.15/Canada (Ratebeer)
280065/Schneider Nelson Sauvin/6.9%/750mL/$8.95 (Ratebeer)
271783/Weihenstephan Kristallweissbier/5.4%/500mL/$3.10/Germany (Ratebeer)
273656/Ayinger Brau-Weisse/5%/500mL/$3.45/Germany (Ratebeer)
164046/Schneider Hopfen Weisse/8.2%/500mL/$3.25/Germany (Ratebeer)
273706/Birrificio Del Ducato New Morning/5.8%/330mL/$4.15/Italy (Ratebeer)
272369/Thornbridge Kipling South Pacific Pale Ale/5.2%/500mL/$4.75/United Kingdom (Ratebeer)
224600/Celt Golden Crafted Ale/4.2%/500mL/$3.50/United Kingdom (Ratebeer)
676858/Fuller’s Organic Honey Dew/5%/500mL/#3.25 (Ratebeer)
149773/BrewDog Punk IPA/6.2%/330mL/$2.60/United Kingdom (Ratebeer)
271700/Shipyard Smashed Blueberry/9%/624mL/$7.95/United States (Ratebeer)

Initial thoughts: not a bad list, especially compared to the summer releases of three or four years ago, but a little disappointing. Some retreads (Cuvee Rene, Celt Golden, Rosee d’Hibiscus, Fuller’s Honey Dew, BrewDog Punk IPA, Schneider Hopfen Weisse) and a hell of a lot of weises beers. Long time readers should know that I am a big fan of weisse beers and all style variants, but four is a bit of overkill when the LCBO already carries some great General List options. A disappointing lack of hops, Thornbridge and Brewdog aside, especially because I find the Punk IPA to be an unbalanced travesty. Luckily more hoppy Ontario craft beers will be available in cans (Augusta Ale and Hops & Robbers at the very least), which is perhaps why the LCBO steered this list away from pale ales. (I also wonder if the same people that make fun of Spearhead’s Hawaiian Style Pale Ale will mock Thornbridge about calling the Kipling a South Pacific Pale Ale. Probably not – Ontario Inferiority Complex.) Perhaps I’m just getting concerned about my liver, but a couple of more session beers would be nice on this list, rather than an 8.2% weizen bock and a 9% fruit beer. As usual, the summer beers are a little cheaper than the other seasonal releases. On a personal note, my wife and I enjoy a nice ginger beer, so hopefully the Phillips is a pleasant surprise.

The Tree brewery feature has been talked about for a while, but is finally happening and should be appearing in stores at the same time. Beers included in the feature are:

286849/Raspberry Porter/5%/650mL/$5.95 (Ratebeer)
286856/Hefeweizen/5%/650mL/$5.95 (Ratebeer)
288951/Captivator Doppelbock/8%/650mL/$6.25 (Ratebeer)
288514/Hophead Black IPA/8%/650mL/$6.25 (Ratebeer)
209346/Hophead Double IPA/8.3%/650mL/$5.40 (Ratebeer)

The Hophead Double IPA has been in stores since the spring release, but the rest are new to the LCBO. Most get good ratings except for the Raspberry Porter, but fruit porters tend to be a love or hate style.


5 responses to “LCBO 2012 Summer Beer Release and Tree Brewery Feature

  1. Wow! Maybe the best summer release yet?…. I think so…

    a) Schneider Nelson Sauvin for $9… Its going for 17+ in the US! Its amazing to boot!
    b) Ayinger Brau-Weisse is one of the best of its kind
    c) Can never get enough Schneider Hopfen Weisse
    d) Doesnt matter what the beer is, its great to see an Italian craft get in here with Birrificio Del Ducato

    I’m excited… And very interested to see how many of the Schneider Nelsons come in. Have you had it?

  2. The Nelson is excellent. Truly pushes the limits on the weisse profile.

  3. This Punk IPA is pretty much Crazy Canuck. Only slightly less wild.

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