News & Brews – May 16

Lots of more great beer news from Ontario!

  • Event listings for Ontario Craft Beer Week went live yesterday and there are already lots of great events posted. OCB Week starts June 17th, so you’ve got a month to prepare your liver. (And by that, I mean slowly increase your daily intake of alcohol until seven days of binge drinking is normal.)
  • Keep6 Imports is bringing in some delicious beer from Quebec for an Afternoon With Le Trou Du Diable @ Wvrst (Sat June 2nd, 2-5pm). I would be very sad about missing this event if it weren’t for the fact that Mondial is the week after and I’ll have my fill of Le Trou Du Diable then.
  • Two more beer dinners from Canadian Brewing News have been announced. The next one takes place at Smokeless Joe with beers from the North American Craft portfolio (full details). The one in June will coincide with OCB Week and pit Amsterdam beers against Flat Rock Cellars wine at Beast restaurant (full details). You really can’t go wrong with either evening because the food at both restaurants is top notch.
  • The Brewery Market is now the Brewer’s Backyard, though it seems that Brewery Market may still be happening through different venues in the province. The Brewer’s Backyard will be taking place at the Evergreen Brickworks. The Stop’s Beer Garden will replace the Brewery Market at the Barns. I don’t know the details behind the fracturing, but it means more beer events so everybody wins (especially those of us living east of Yonge). The first Brewer’s Backyard is this Monday, May 21st with Great Lakes, while the Stop’s Beer Garden will begin the following Sunday, May 27th with Muskoka.
  • More new beers in the LCBO. The Great Lakes 25th Anniversary Robust Porter has almost sold out of its run, but there are still bottles left for those who missed out. Amsterdam’s Boneshaker is now available, while the Beau’s Festivale should be out soon. Amsterdam is also releasing this year’s Tempest at the brewery on Thursday, May 17th at a cost of $5.95/500mL bottle. The Tempest was one of my favourite new beers from last year and I’m looking forward to doing a side-by-side with a 2011 bottle. Hopefully it will be in the LCBO soon after. (Sorry non-Torontonians. Amsterdam retail store only.) Spearhead’s Hawaiian Style Pale Ale will be in the LCBO this summer as a six pack. And Muskoka will be releasing a Survival Pack ($29.95 $25.95) into the Beer Store. It will contain three each of the Mad Tom, Cream Ale and Dark Ale, plus three bottles from their Rough Cut series. The Rough Cut series will rotate a couple of times a year and the first RC beer is a Kristallweizen.
  • If you miss out on the Great Lakes anniversary porter, you can console yourself at their 9th Annual Charity BBQ taking place on Saturday, May 26th. Knowing how Great Lakes runs these events, there will surely be some tasty beers to try (and hopefully buy!).
  • The Ontario Brewing Awards are happening tomorrow night, May 17th. The awards ceremony is taking place at The Beer Academy (which is also home to the new Six Pints brewery) and tickets are available for $10 for those of you who want to rub elbows with the industry or get a first-hand look at the changes happening at 75 Victoria St.

Got beer news? Email me at or Tweet me @ayearofbeer so it can be included in the next News & Brews post. Events from the rest of the province would be greatly appreciated as these posts can feel very Toronto-centric at times.


3 responses to “News & Brews – May 16

  1. I think the Muskoka Survival Pack is only $25.95.

    Has Amsterdam said that Tempest will be at the LCBO eventually? I’m heading down to the brewery tonight to pick up some.

    • You are correct about the Muskoka price.

      Someone from Amsterdam has confirmed that it will be retail store only. I will stop making up rumours now.

  2. I don’t know if this is a secret or not, or how limited the quantities are, and I haven’t seen it posted any where else online like Amsterdam’s twitter – BUT – if you buy six Tempests you get a seventh one free. The only catch: it’s old. Like a year old! I mean, couldn’t they sell them last year? Don’t they know that Imperial Stouts don’t age well?!

    Kidding of course, getting the 2011 bottle made my day! I imagine supplies are very limited of the 2011 free bottles. I mean, I went to the brewery today to make sure I got one of the something-near 5000 of this years batch!

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