2012 Predictions Update

A couple of notes about recent correct predictions from my 2012 list:

  • Two new breweries have been announced for the Niagara-on-the-Lake region according to the Niagara Advance. Both are hoping to open before the end of summer. (Thunder Bay is also getting a brewery: Sleeping Giant. Anyone know if this brewery was announced in 2011 or 2012?)
  • As mentioned, the Amsterdam Boneshaker is now in the LCBO, which gives one of the three American-style IPAs that I predicted would appear on the general list.
  • Edit: As Greg said in the comments, Big Rig Brewery has also been announced to open soon in Ottawa. Full details from Canadian Beer News.

That brings my total up to five six out of twenty, which will be boosted in recent months with the Wellington Russian Imperial Stout in the LCBO and the rumoured Black Oak mix pack.


2 responses to “2012 Predictions Update

  1. Sleeping Giant was announced in late 2011.

    However, Big Rig Brewery is opening in Ottawa next month, and was announced this year: http://www.canadianbeernews.com/2012/03/15/big-rig-kitchen-brewery-opening-soon-in-ottawa/

    I also know of some folks planning a brewery near Guelph – they have a name, but are still scouting a location, so they’ve asked that it not be announced yet. And I’ve heard rumours of two more – one brewpub, one production brewery – that I’m following up on. So I suspect that we’ll crack five official announcements soon.

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