News & Brews – July 11, 2012

Lots of exciting news on this Wednesday, so let’s get to it:

  • Cassel Brewery, located in Casselman, Ontario, is having their official opening on July 14th. Casselman is located near Ottawa, adding another brewery to check out in Eastern Ontario. (Google Maps says it is a 35 minute drive from Beau’s.) The nanobrewery will feature a range of beers, including an IPA, wheat, honey brown and red ale.
  • The Beau’s four pack to be released in November will feature their Patio Saison, Farm Table Belgian Pale Ale, Screaming Beaver Double IPA and Matt’s Sleepytime Imperial Stout. Not a bad mix if you ask me.
  • Keep6 are adding breweries to their ever growing portfolio, including a really big name – Cantillon. They’ve promised some other additions, including Hopfenstark, but no word yet on when the beers will be coming or if they will only be available to licensees. Get on their mailing list or following them @keep6imports to find out when more details are available.
  • LCBO News: Augusta Ale is now showing in stock all across the province. There was a new beer surprise when I went to the LCBO on Monday – Hockley Amber. Look for my review next week.
  • Not exactly news, but I just found this video for Grand River brewing and thought it was worth a share. Great way to promote both the brewery and craft beer.

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