2012 Ontario Predictions Update

Been a while since I’ve updated the 2012 Predictions, but I’m happy to say that a couple of more predictions have come true.

  • The Spearhead Hawaiian Style Pale Ale is on the general list now, which I’m going to say counts as an American-style IPA. If anyone wants to debate that, take to the comments.
  • The Wellington Russian Imperial Stout is now in cans in the LCBO, one of the two Ontario imperial stouts I predicted would appear. This is a beer I’ve wanted to have easier access to for some time, so I’m really happy. There have been rumours floating around of others, so I’m confident a second will appear.

That brings the total of correct predictions up to eight out of twenty at the midway point of the year, which isn’t bad. Still lots of time to get a passing grade.


One response to “2012 Ontario Predictions Update

  1. If you can predict at what point on December 21, 2012 Quetzalcoatl the Mayan winged snake deity will rise up and destroy the world, I will be impressed.

    I think probably around teatime.

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