News & Brews – July 24th, 2012

Here comes the news:

  • Silversmith Brewing has started production in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The first two beers are a Bavarian Breakfast Wheat and Black Lager. A couple of kegs rolled out to Gigs in London and the Burger Bar in Toronto is having the Toronto launch tonight (July 24th) at 6pm. According to Niagara This Week, the brewery is not up and running yet, but hopefully will be sometime during August. Follow them on Twitter or on Facebook.
  • Another brewery in NOTL is getting close. The Niagara Oast House Brewery has launched a website, showing off some beautiful looking bottles. And yes, I do spy some wire hoods, meaning that we might have a brewery corking their bottles (a saison and biere de garde are pictured). The website says they will be open this fall. They are a little more active on Twitter, but are also on Facebook.
  • Speaking of saisons, Amsterdam have made a surprise announcement that they have a Mid Summer Saison launching this Thursday at the brewery from 6-9pm. The launch parties are always a great time, with lots of free food and beers, plus a great chance to meet and chat with the people behind the beer. I tried the saison last week when brewing with Iain and definitely recommend the beer.
  • Toronto’s Festival of Beer is happening this weekend. Before you roll your eyes (too late?), check out the list of beers that Keep6 are bringing in to help run the Quebec pavilion. Those aren’t going to be bottles either, but kegs. That’s right, kegs in Ontario from Trou du Diable, Dunham, Hopfenstark, Charlevoix and Les Trois Mousquetaires. There will also be a Saturday night party at Volo, but no details have been released.
  • Speaking of festivals, the Muskoka Beer Festival is happening in about a months time. The Annie Williams Park in Bracebridge will be transformed into a beer paradise on Saturday, August 25th. It is being run the same way that Session was, with your ticket getting you unlimited beer.
  • Edit: Forgot one more festival! Steam Whistle is launching the Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival on the weekend of August 11th and 12th. Food trucks will be in attendance, as well other breweries like Grand River, Flying Monkeys and Great Lakes. Tickets are only $10.

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